Seeing the Doors

@RhodaK (177)
United States
October 4, 2009 8:42pm CST
I saw the Doors in a bar in Oahu in 2005. It was excellent.....The place packed. We had VIP tickets and Ian ? from The Cure was the lead singer... He did a wonderful job. Anymore shows planned or talked about out and about??? It would be worth anything to see them again.
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@allen0187 (42862)
• Philippines
26 Nov 09
hi rhodak! good for you!!! you were able to watch the doors live. i would be willing to pay a good sum to catch the band perform their hits live. i'm sure it'll be different without jim morrison around but seeign the rest of the band won't be so bad either. you said of ian of the band 'the cure' right? didn't you mean robert smith as he is the vocalist of 'the cure' or are you referrign to another band member? cheers!!!
@wolflvr (335)
• United States
10 Dec 09
The original poster meant The Cult not The Cure. The singer they had was Ian Astbury. They named the newly formed band Doors of the 21st Century. The former Doors drummer sued the band for using the name and they had to change the name of the group to Riders on the Storm. Ian Astbury left the band to go back on tour with The Cult and was replaced by Brett Scallions (former singer of Fuel). There are alot of Yotube Videos with them performing.
@jasa0721 (19)
• Philippines
6 Oct 10
I don't know if The Doors have any plans of going on tour or any shows for that matter. But I read somewhere that the remaining members reunited, had a vocalist from another band (not sure who) and named their band Riders in the Storm (I think) because they can't use the name "The Doors" due to some legal matters.
@RawBill1 (8537)
• Gold Coast, Australia
9 Jun 10
That would have been pretty cool, but in my opinion they are not the real Doors without Jim Morrison singing. He was The Doors. He gave the songs character and a style that was incredible. No one could repeat that and call themselves The Doors.
@drzorge (38)
• Bulgaria
17 Mar 10
Heyah,one more favourite band.One of the hit bands of the sixties.Unfortunately Jim Morrison is not amongst the alive but the band is still alive.Excellent type of music and pleasant songs.Break on trough,Riders on the storm, LA woman,etc...Cool...
• United States
11 Oct 09
That sounds like a good time. I would like to see them as well.