your career vs your major

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October 4, 2009 8:43pm CST
Hi, I'm a recent graduate that's spent the last year and a half looking for work related to my major. I love my major and I really expected to continue on in a career that pertains to my degree, but the present economy is sort of crushing that dream and it's becoming an increasing reality that I need to get any kind of job with a steady paycheck. My concern is I'll get stuck in this other job and suddenly that will become what my career ends up being. I'm just curious how many of you ended up in a career that was related or unrelated to your major and how exactly that came about/if you're happy with how it turned out?
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@maezee (38833)
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5 Oct 09
Well, I'm still in college, but I'm trying to pick a major where I can begin working immediately in that field. It seems like a lot of management positions like to see that their hires have a degree, but they don't really seem to care in WHAT field the degree is. This is both a good AND bad thing. The good part about this is even if you major in Chemistry, you're still eligible for a job in a management position. I think you should make sure you have a job at all times, so you don't end up getting evicted and bankrupt, but you should keep in mind the bigger picture with things. Possibly get a "for-now" job and keep looking for jobs in the career field you wish to work in. If you get a better job, one that pertains to what you went to school for, quit the lame job and take up the new one. We, for the sake of money and keeping up with daily expenses, are sometimes put into these kinds of sticky situations. Here's an interesting example, though, of something your dilemma reminds me of. I recently went to Macy's for a job interview, and the guy who was interviewing me asked me what school I went to (as part of a conversation we were having!) and I told him, the University of Minnesota - where I'm currently going. And he goes, "Hey! I went there! And graduated with a major in Genetics" - says my Macy's interviewer. A genetics major. Now interviewing possible employees in Macy's Human Resources department. Interesting how different his job is from what he majored in. I'm sure that his Macy's HR job is just a stepping stone for his dream career: something in Genetics. Anyway, your story reminded me of this. I hope that something in your field pops up soon, but at the same, I'd advise you to at least get a job that will pay the bills for now.