love or career?

October 5, 2009 1:42am CST
many people would probably say that love can wait so they would prefer to continue their career. but what if the person you forget over career was the person supposedly meant for you and then found someone new. would you still go for career?
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@much2say (53973)
• Los Angeles, California
9 Oct 09
I was going out with a guy who eventually broke it off with me because he felt too tied down with a relationship - and he wanted to focus on his career (he was a bit older). He had all the freedom in the world as I never bogged him down - but that's what he said - so we split - and that was that. Then I started going out with another guy. We were young, and such good friends - it was all wonderful. We were both going to school and working on our careers. About 2 years into our relationship, the OTHER guy came back . . . now with a career but missing "something" in his life . . . and he said he wanted me back. Sorry, but he missed his chance. So my boyfriend and I finished college and got our careers going - all while maintaining a great relationship. Certainly love and career can "co-exist". And we eventually got married! As for the other guy, I heard he went through lots of therapy and was still unmarried.
@bird123 (10632)
• United States
8 Oct 09
This is an easy question. If it really is your true love, you are going to have a hard time wanting to go to work much less actually going.
@2babita (1072)
• India
5 Oct 09
Well pretten,in human's life both is require.We firstly think about career bucz if there is no career no love will stand how much they may love.Bucz for continue our love we will be needing money,and for making money we should think for career.If the person really love us i think he/she won't say anything.And if possible we can carry on both.
@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
5 Oct 09
Personally, I wish that I can have both. If love and career can come together in life, it would be perfect. Now, I have career without love. How pity.
• United Arab Emirates
5 Oct 09
i believe on love firstly because love give you spirit for doing some thing. if your loves demands you a good career then you sure work hard for your bright future. but if you chose and prefer first your career may be when you will at the stage of goodness and well set in your life you lose your love. then no means of your career no benefit of your struggle. i like to prefer love on career but i want to both for managing my career and my Love.
• China
5 Oct 09
pretteen,my friend.are you man or woman? In my opinion,if you are a man,career is more important than love.when you success on your career,love will follow.But if you are a woman,i think love is as important as china,there is a proverb,borning well not as good as marrying well.This indirectly illustates the importance of love.For me,i'm a man,so i prefer career to love.The society is so real.
@donsky14 (5947)
• Philippines
5 Oct 09
For me, a person could always find ways to do things at the same time. Love and career can be done at the same time, its possible. Its just a matter of how you do things.
@biman_s (1060)
• India
5 Oct 09
Love and career, they both are very important in one's life. How about having both. I am in love and I am also continuing with my career. The reason behind that is, I have a partner who is very understanding and even I try to decrease distances caused when I am very much involved with my work. I find time to be with my partner. Small things like this can help you to get both. Simple time management with some intelligent thinking.