Did you become what you've always wanted to be? regrets?

@manong05 (5028)
October 5, 2009 8:15am CST
I grew up in a air force family and I've always wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately, my health prevented me from fulfilling my dreams to join the air force. I have a very poor eyesight. Maybe it was not meant for me. I don't have any regrets and I am happy in what I am doing. My best friends did become pilots and we are having a wonderful time everytime we get together. Any similar experience?
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5 Oct 09
Everyone has his dream,you want to be a pilot and he want to become a scientist or she wish herself woulld be a hollywood star,but do you know what's the important for your life ,personaly speaking,the pursuit of the happiness would be worth of treasure.Although,you may not be a pilot,you can do everything you like,as you said :"you have a wonderful time with your friend " so please enjoy your time .I'm sure you would not regret
@manong05 (5028)
• Philippines
5 Oct 09
Great advice, I appreciate it. Thanks. have fun.
@coldmoon (1091)
• France
6 Oct 09
Since I was a child, I was trained to become a professor at college, as my father wanted me to be. In order to do that, he gave me many things: his care, his time, and even a lot of rods. When he found that I was interested in arts, he tried to forbid me. Now, as an adult, I have escape from his prison, but what I'm now is still what he wanted because after such a long and hard training, I can't become anyone else. In fact, for a long time, I have had no idea about what I like to become, though I never feel happy being a professor at college. Now, I regret that I was too weak to fight for my own willings.
• Australia
5 Oct 09
All through my school years I wanted to be an airline hostess. I was shattered to find that I did not grow to the specified height, I only grew to be 147cm. But I went on and studied real estate sales which I absolutely loved. Some things don't happen for other reasons, that's the way I see it, I think there must be something better around the bend.