Do you like to watch Sister Act?

October 5, 2009 8:30am CST
Delores Van Cartier is a singer who wants to make it big.She is having a romance with a guy called Vince but when he won't leave his wife. She breaks up with him. After wards, she witnesses a murder which was ordered by Vince. Delores runs to the police who say she must stay inhiding for a while. However this hiding place isn't an old run downhouse, or a caravan no, it's a convent! Delores' new identity is Sister Mary Clarence. However Delores, doesn't just sit around all day in thelifeless, boring convent, no she goes clubbing and makes friends with the nuns. She also turns the dull, lifeless choir into a hip on which makes the church more popular with young people. However how long willit be before knowledge of the choir and Delores reaches Vince?
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• Philippines
5 Oct 09
I love watching Sister Act! my favorite is the second one.. I just love it, I even memorized all the songs in the movie. lol. My sister even bought an original DVD of the movie, so that we can watch it anytime we want. hehehe.
@jc_star10 (954)
• Indonesia
5 Oct 09
I like sister act. The first and the second. The first one that i like was the singing choir and the song that they choose in the movie. It's really fun to see and fun to sing with. The story actually quite cliche, but fine with me..LOL.