do you dye your hair?

@Swadey (220)
October 5, 2009 1:57pm CST
Have your ever dyed your hair before? have you ever changed your hair completly like going blonde to a really dark brown? how often do you dye your hair do you change the color like ever couple of months? i used to change my color all the time but i hae decided to go back to my natural color and i am putting highlights in my hair though just to make my hair less dull.
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• Philippines
12 Dec 09
I haven't tried dyeing my hair.I was born with black hair.if given the chance,I would like to dye my hair in brown.I've always wanted to have brown hair.I think it is sexier than blond.I want to have brown,wavy hair.
• United States
23 Nov 09
I dye and highlight my hair all the time. My hair is naturally dark brown, and I've done a bunch of different things with my hair. I've put red streaks in it, purple streaks in it, put black lowlights in it, and dyed it full black. I currently have it full black - I love it and so does everyone else so I have a feeling I'll be keeping it like this for a while.
12 Oct 09
No, I haven't tried dying my hair. My hair is black but have some brownish color in it. And it's my natural hair color. I tried straightening, curling my hair but never tried dying or putting color in my hair.
• China
7 Oct 09
hi ,Swadey ,I do not dye my hair .my hair is short all year round. so I can save my time to care about my hair , lead to me can think about many other things.
@jc_star10 (953)
• Indonesia
6 Oct 09
I dye my hair before too, mostly are brown and indigo. I once want to change to a blonde, but that will be a suprise for my friends. But, I don't think blonde will suit to me, so i just went back to brown again. I haven't dye it for 6 months now, so it went to my natural color, which is black. Sometimes you just don't have time to go to hair dresser to dye your hair...LOL..
@afarrell1 (259)
• United States
5 Oct 09
just did my daughter's hair last night. I was really worried about it because she's been dying it black for about a year, and now it's got pink in the bottom. It actually turned out really good. If I can I'll post a pic of it.