November 14, 2006 4:13am CST
can all muslims really be terrorists because i dont think so. i think it is very unfair that all muslims are being put down by a very small minority of idiots and it is about time someone stood up and spoke out for the majority instead of sit back and let blair and bush feed everyones mind with unbelievable rubbish
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@sekhmetgb (462)
19 Nov 06
Hi. I dont think that Bush and Blair are saying that every Muslim is a terrorist. I think that idea is more to do with the absolutely terrible things that have happened lately and the way it has been reported in the press.I am neither a christian nor a muslim, and I just read what I can lay my hands on with no particular preference. As I see it, most religions have a fanatic wing, which because of the way fanatics grab the headlines, is the one that gets reported on. If everyone was honest, we would know that there is no way all muslims (or christian or any other 'group' of people) could possibly be terrorists. If we look even further we would realise that most muslims (and christians etc) in fact are against the terrorists and the fanatics. Unfortunately for muslims, there are few MAJOR musim clerics who are willing to publicly denounce the actions of the fanatics, which would make some people believe that therefore most muslims must be terrorists. When I read the discussions on mylot about muslims and between muslims and christians, I despair. It is time that we all unite against anything and anyone who is violent and has no respect for human life and the right of each human being to have their own opinion without fear of being persecuted for it.
@forfein (2507)
19 Nov 06
TOTALLY agree!!! You can have a big + for this comment from me!
19 Nov 06
thank you very much xx
@emarie (5447)
• United States
19 Nov 06
i agree with that. it is unfair to label all muslims as 'terrorist'. anyone who attacks to place fear and terror in the minds of people can be called a terroist...anyone, any religion, any race can be a terroist, it is just someone who has a sick demented idea and thinks they can hurt anyone they want just so they can get something across.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
19 Nov 06
Terrorism comes from every form every religion and every backround. I think we need to put the pressure on this issue where it belongs on the Media. If they are going to report Muslim Terrorists who blow up Train and themselves as Muslim Terrorists. Then they need to report People who Bomb Abortion Clinics who are Christian as Christian Terrorists etc. I am all for free speech. But I do believe the media needs to start playing closer attention to the information they present and how it effects the public eye on things they do not understand. Like Islam is not understood by many who have no idea what a Muslim is now all at first thought ask this same question... The same goes with Media who is using Cartoons well if you want to do cartoons and Humor about something. Like if you want to do humor about a religion that you do not know about. Look into if it is appropriate to that religions values or not, as we know that Drawings of Mohammed, PBUH, are very disrespectful to Islam.... So I believe media needs to think more do more research, and be very careful to make sure when a news story is reported it is presented in a non biased truthful and respectful manner... Take care, - DNatureofDTrain
@exodamus (1627)
• India
19 Nov 06
Terrorism is not based on religion and it has no religion. The terrorist may belong to any religion. Just because many terrorists call themselves by some name of a particular religion it is not correct to say that people of that religion are terrorist. terrorism is because of the sickness of mind. They may think they are doing it for a cause but they don't think what they are doing to their fellow beings.
@istanto (8562)
• Indonesia
18 Nov 06
yes, I already ask that because i think that's unfair to judge someone by their religion. but i get honest response not all muslim is terrorist. ^_^
@chukwudi (1100)
• Nigeria
18 Nov 06
no all muslims can not be terrorist,but the should show us that they are against it
• Syria
14 Nov 06
Yes that is true . Cherch made horrible things in the past dose that means that all cristians are bad ?