Dreaming fly

@amichi (92)
October 5, 2009 6:14pm CST
what was for you the rarest dream you had, which upon wakening that gets the full and real feeling that was in this place? That dram that it has stopped thinking all day.... For example, i once dreamed i could fly, i moved my arms and just lifted me up in the air, so like Peter Pan, was very strange because when I woke up I had left with a very strange feeling... Which was his strange dream?
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• Indonesia
6 Oct 09
The rarest and weirdest dream I ever had was I dreamed I could fly and I jumped down from a high hill. At first I didn't know why did I dream like that, but finall I found out. That was a sign for a bad luck for me.. :( I think our strange or bad dream is a sign for our bad luck. It happened to me three times.. Especially if you wake up with a strange feeling.. But not always.. Did you lift your arm in your dream? I just stretched my both arms, LOL. I felt so happy and free in my dream but I woke up with an anxious feeeling.
@amichi (92)
• Mexico
6 Oct 09
In my dream I just moved without effort arms like the wings of a vird and gently lifted me up in the air, the feeling I get when I woke up was not concerned and do not remember that i have missed anything wrong, the feeling was nice
• India
10 Oct 09
I beleive flying is a common dream that almost everybody dreams in his/her lifetime at least for once. Flying in the sky is also my common dream. I have dreamt many time, I have got the power to fly and whenever some enemy of mine is coming to catch me, I am going high by flying with my two hands using as wings. This dream is really very fantastic. Even when you wake up, you can feel the feelings.