people misjudging me

October 5, 2009 8:30pm CST
ever since i was in college all people thinks that i am no longer a virgin. also my male co workers think that way. they think so because they said that only unpleasant looking people is virgin. i really hate that idea because it is so unfair for me.
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• India
6 Oct 09
Don't worry cute pink they are just jerks and there is no need for you to think about those comments. Go on with your work but at the same time just think for one minute about how you are dressing or how you behave with someone. Don't misunderstand me but sometimes the way we talk the way we dress and the way we behave might send wrong impression about us. If you think everything is fine with you then there is no need for you to get disturbed. To know if everything is right about you or not,ask your real friends or people who knew you very well. THey will tell you if there is anything you should change. So don't worry much about their comments because its your life. Lead it the way you want to.
@Hatley (164081)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Oct 09
hi cute__pink13 do not let jerks like that bother you, you know what you are and your real friends know what you are. so hold your head up high and tell yourself these people that judge you are all jerks. virgins come in all sizes, shape and varieties.people who judge like that are just jerks.
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
So how do you exactly look? So sexy and open? If you do then you can't really blame them for believing that. That's what they see. Anyway it's just their opinion and don't mind them. What's important is you know the truth and you're not the type of girl they're thinking of you. Just let them salivate. lol.