The Mcdonald's is going to open a chain store in the Louvre.

October 5, 2009 9:26pm CST
The Louvre authority have proved this new plan. They consider that a chain store of high quality is correspondent with Louvre's wish. But this news give rise to much controversy amony French people, some of them are afraid that it will destroy the artistic atmosphere. some agree to eat in the museum, but the Lourvre should find another one of the first magnitude to replace Mcdonald's which is just a fast food restaurant. Do you agree to this plan? Why?
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@GS0093 (50)
• China
12 Oct 09
a big "M" standing at the gate of Louvre museum? I can not imagine that. what do the people think if a big "KFC" standing in font of the gate of the imperial is full of my personal opinion if the louvre museum need a place to provide the visitors with food they should deal with it by themselves ,the McD is really a bad ideal.
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
6 Oct 09
It will all come down to show the money to somebody. Regardless of what McD is about it is a very profitable business and people around the world know that, even if it means placing the big "M" on the Eiffel tower. In my personal opinion, a place like this, a museum or any other place of cultural display will awfully contrast with any restaurant inside that kind of area. Good luck, hope everything turns out ok.