What is your role in your family?

@laydee (12811)
October 6, 2009 12:26am CST
Each of us have 'roles' in our family. Which one is yours? a. I am the head of the household (most of the time). b. I clean up after everybody elses messes. c. I am the butt of jokes d. I am usually the voice of reason. I'm actually the voice of reason, else I complain too much! hahaha.. What about you?
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@Fulltank (2895)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
Previous role is that I'm only a follower, that when I'm still studying. Now that I'm already have my own family, I was promoted and become the Leader.
13 Oct 09
I have an equal role to my wife. We both keep the household together and strong. We both work and spread the chores evenly. I don't like the sound of "family roles" it's pretty creepy to put someone at the top and say that that person is the family's lifeline.
@dloveli (4369)
• United States
7 Oct 09
I am their lifeline. Without me I dont think they could dress themselves. The only one that may do okay is my youngest daughter. She's almost 15 so she's going thru that independent, dont bother me stage. Unfortunately, my fiance is old school latino. He believes that I am here to serve him. I havent had the heart to tell him its not.lol He takes good care of me and my children even though he's not their real father. He allows me to do whatever I want, buy what i want, etc. I am BIG WILMA! What I say usually goes. I love that. I just dont like the fact that I have to tell everyone what to do. I honestly think if I was to fall off the face of the earth they would be lost. lol I love taking care of them. I must admit if they did become independent I would have nothing to do or complain about. My man makes sure I know he appreciates me. Its my 21 year old I worry about. dl
@xannebull (1800)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
i am a mother of two, my husband works far from us so i serve as a mother and father to our two children. i have a house helper who helps my daily routine so that i won't be getting stressed taking care of my two small children.
6 Oct 09
I'm the second in command in my household. My husband is the chief. However, he always refers to me as the Minister for Home Affairs. In a way, it is something like that. I run his household from stocking supplies to administering, handling, executing the budget on a smaller scale. Since we run our affairs based on mutual decision or even a family votation, he never goes behind his Minister's back without doing consultations and extensive discussions/talks.
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
Hi laydee,Well I am a plain house wife and a mother to my children.Doing all the household chores and etc.I enjoyed so much of what i am now with my one big happy family.Thanks and more power!