when can you say that you are really meant to each other??

October 6, 2009 12:30am CST
you know what guys.. i really encountered a lot of couple talking about happiness and regret in their married life.....According to them happiness will be within 1 year or 2 years after getting together,,, well one thing i can say about everything... all of us has a uniqueness and that makes us incomparable among others... one thing i am sure that he is really meant for me when i am ready all the negative traits i was thinking he has....i always thinking if how much he was showing to me right now... well that maybe 3/4 of it he do not want to show.... well whats your opinion about this???
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@aceduave (61)
6 Oct 09
Being married for 3 years with 3 kids in a row (because i have twins!), i must say there must be some differences on feelings and love shared between married couple to boyfriend-girlfriend. I used to hear my wife say I have changed. Our relationship changed. Well, maybe because hen you get married and most especially when you have children, you somehow change because your love and attention would also extend not only to your wife but also to your kids. But the great thing there is that, both of strives to maintain the quality love for each other despite the hardships and struggles of a married life. That's when you say, this girl is really meant for me..the one for me..