funny japan/korea movie

October 6, 2009 4:45am CST
addicted to japan+korea drama n movie right now. watch few of them ne1 can suggest more funny j-movie o drama???
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• Philippines
7 Oct 09
hey you can actually browse some movies/tv series at hope ya like it!
• Indonesia
6 Oct 09
I watched few of them too. But I found one funny Korean movie, I don't know you already watch it or not. The title is "My Boss My Teacher" if I'm not mistaken. Or maybe "My Boss My Student"? I forgot, hehe. Did you watch "Full House". It's a funny Korean drama, but yeah.. It was first broadcasted on TV for about 5 or 6 years ago :D it's a funny and romantic one. After watching that drama, I started to love Rain and Song Hee Kyo! :D I think most of Japan movies and dorama are sad or a-real-drama. I think I haven't found purely funny Japan dorama or movie.. Do you like watching sad drama? Hehe. Japan has so many of it.