Fantasy Football week 4

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October 6, 2009 10:36am CST
So now that we have seen four weeks of play, how good were those preseason rankings and how important do you think they really are? I like to approach fantasy football with the consideration of the law of averages. I think that all the preseason rankings each year will inevitably end up incorrect when compared to the actual stats, but they can be strategically used to select the players that will "pop" in the upcoming season. Willis McGahee for instance was not ranked very high before the start of the season but he is one of the best RB so far. McGahee has always been a premiere back but with the emergence of Ray Rice last year, McGahee got no respect this preseason. If you consider that he is healthy, and other than injury never showed signs of decline, the fact he is ranked low (preseason) and therefore available late in most drafts, he should have been one of your "sleeper" targets for the '09 season. What do you think about strategic drafting, and how do you use the pre-draft rankings?
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6 Oct 09
This is my sixth year, and I sort of paid attention to them, and sort of did not. I am undefeated at this point. TO stinks, Mcfadden stinks, Titans and Bills stink, St Louis still stinks, KC major stinks making Larry Johnson basically useless to me. Thank goodness for Peyton Manning, and the Giants defense, Colston, and Turner. I am so excited about this year, and I am trying to take with a grain of salt what the so called experts say. And oh yeah I almost forgot how about Farvre, once again my backup QB, Vikings 4-0 Go Farvre.