Ever impressed a guy?

@Swadey (220)
October 6, 2009 1:30pm CST
The other night me and my guy were were fooling around and i went down and him and when we were done he told me that he was realy impressed and that you could not even move that he was still numb and that he had never had an orgasom like that. I was so suprised that i was able to do that to him, ive never found myself to be that great, but we have hat chemistry so i guess it helps. have you ever really impressed a guy in bed? Happy Mylotting!
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
9 Oct 09
I am happy that you have good chemistry with your mate. That is always hard to find. As for impressing a man in bed, I used to feel good when I got complements but then realized that it has to be pillow talk or a way to let someone you like know that they enjoyed themselves. I feel this way because I know that I have said that my man was the best and that it was the most amazing thing that never happened before. It makes them feel good to think it. But I told that to everyone. Basically my way of saying thanks. If I listen to what my partners of the past have said I am the best laid out there and that I could win awards because they never experienced anything like that. I don't have a swelled head so I think they may have been just saying that it is fun.
@jugsjugs (13038)
7 Oct 09
The thing about that is a lot of men and women will say that you are the best and that they have never had better to you and no doubt they have said it to all the other people they have slept with.That is a fact in life.The way i look at it is you did a good job on him and he enjoyed it.Now he will want it all the time.
@angeliam (206)
• China
7 Oct 09
yes, that feels good. the most amazing thing is that you also have big crush on the guy that you impressed.