What would be the best feature for the car of the future?

@Fulltank (2894)
October 6, 2009 5:09pm CST
Automatic driving with GPS capability, flying cars, hydrogen fueled cars, no smoke emissions, and fabulous designs are some on my list on how cars will look and features it will have for the future. Some of them are already under development today, and others already have prototypes. Do you think all of these designs and features would be the next generation of the car industry? What other features would you think future cars will have?
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@Baluyadav (3643)
• India
7 Oct 09
Hi,if i could be car engineer,i have a dream that a car which change itself according to the situation[path]either it is road or water or air.That means the same car can change it's shape accordingly.How is it?Have a nice time and let us wait for this type of car.
• Brazil
6 Oct 09
I'm such a geek but I actually think that cars in the future will be all electric, and eventually they'll fly. It would become such a mess in the sky, but it would be cool, 'cause the ground would be just plenty of space for walking, and no risks of being hit by cars. I wonder what would happen to planes. LOL