Have You Ever Heard About Bermuda Triangle.

November 14, 2006 4:33am CST
What is the secret behind there. Anyone know this. Some of my friend said that some research fellow found out what is the problem there. Anybody of you know about that.
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5 Nov 12
Bermuda Triangle also called as Devil's Triangle has a mysterious tale to it which has been floating for years now. Many articles, videos, Tv programs have been made available for public viewing. Some call it a myth, some a mystery and some have scientific reasoning behind the same. They claim some of the flights and ships have disappeared from the surface, they call it graveyard of the Atlantic. Isn't it amazing that in the world map they don't feature this triangle any more.
@prazzii (42)
• India
22 Mar 11
yeah i herad about it and knew that whever went there is lost !!!!!! so its hard to tell anything about that island
@rookrook (1237)
• Italy
18 Nov 06
yes i know it and it's terrible!
• India
14 Nov 06
yes it is famous world wide