no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth!?

October 6, 2009 6:36pm CST
Sometimes I am thinking what is the feeling of the people who din't have any intimate relationship this birth. I am not degrading those people but i think their life is not that complete because they don't know what is the feeling of being in a relationship.I have a friend who did'nt have any girlfriend since birth, and now he is asking for an advice how he can have it LOL. He doesn't have any experience in being inloved because he focused too much in his studies. Pls. help me what kind of advice I could give he looks very greedy of having a girlfriend. ^_^
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@srganesh (6345)
• India
8 Jan 10
Thinking of having a girl friend since birth is too much.I think we all think of girl friends only when we reach teen age.Gender has no meaning until then.For your friend,he has done the right thing to concentrate on studies and it is no fault if you can't have a girl friend.He can always love his wife after his marriage.
@tatiana07 (498)
• Philippines
14 Oct 09
hello oda-crem! i'd got my first boyfriend at the age of 23. hmm late bloomer really! but during those no boyfriend since birth time, i can say that i'm still happy. i'm happy being with my friends..because i had no dull moments with them. when the time i had my first relationship, well that's the time i feel i'm missing a lot having boyfriend late..ahaha happy mylotting!
• American Samoa
13 Oct 09
hello there oda hahaha! crazily speaking i am one of those "no girlfriend since birth" person. why? it's just because im sooooo sheepish and one thing is that i am way too focused on my family. I would like to make them happy first before me, school first then work then after do anything to find happiness. but sometimes it's tempting to feel in love early or to have a girlfriend too early. I found that if you are in a relationship, communication should be always visible. I am not qualified on that because i don't have a cellphone and i don't have money to spend for the cellphone credit. Another thing is that, when getting involved in an early relationship, problems may occur and that makes you not focused in school or in work. But in my part also, a good part, Having no girlfriend or boyfriend since birth is no big deal for each and everyone, depends on the person. Just continue the life, wait for the true one and someday time will come everyone will have a partner, everyone will not be lonely. :) cheers and good day! hehehe
@Shebang (244)
• Philippines
9 Oct 09
I beg to disagree. hahaha (^_^) Being single, since birth at that, does not make someone incomplete. I am 26 and did not have any sort of romantic relationship since birth but I feel so complete and loved. Besides, it's a matter of choice. To be in a relationship or not is a choice and I choose to be this way. As for your friend, I think he just needs to go out, make a night life maybe. Go out with friends and meet new people.
@hexeduser22 (6703)
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
I don't know anyone that would fit in this kind of scenario but I know this is not rare. There are reasons why people opt not to enter in this kind of relationship. Maybe they have a trauma, they may not experience to be in a relationship but the people they see around them may have been unlucky in love thus traumatizing them. Another instance could be that they are already satisfied from the love they get from their family and friends. I think your friend's situation is neither of what I've mentioned, we may not know the real reason but I think it s not about his studies why he still doesn't have any girlfriend
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
NBSB or No boyfriend since birth. I knew a lot of people like that especially here in our place. I also have friends who belong to that group NBSB. Well, even if they have no love life, I can see that they are happy with their life. Maybe, it's just a matter of perfect timing. Well, it's not too late to have a boyfriend. Being in loved is one great feeling but I guess, not being in love doesn't mean not being happy with life. You can tell pieces of advice to your friend. One that yo have experienced before. Don't misinterpret his eagerness to have a girlfriend, i think he's just excited and I guess It's pretty normal.