Windows Live Messenger won't Go Wway?

October 6, 2009 7:30pm CST
Nowadays, I've been trying to get rid of Windows Live Messenger for a while. I got some help to get rid of it and it was gone for about 2 months. But then one random day it just came back! I went to the control panel and went to programs to uninstall it but it doesn't show up! The program comes up automatically every time I turn on my laptop, which is really annoying. It seems that all measures I have taken can't take effect. Any ideas or opinions on how to get rid of it? Thank you.
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@ramo44 (76)
• India
7 Oct 09
I have successfully uninstall it and , no problem for me... any way i dont understannd why the messenger came back ,but if you just not want the messenger not to be shown when you are turn on the laptop then , you can remove it from your windows startup , Please type , "msconfig" in the run window (windowkey +R) and select the startup tab, uncheck the windows messsenger , and you are now free from the messesenger . I hope that helps you...
• China
7 Oct 09
Thanks for your reply.
@AD1970 (116)
• Canada
7 Oct 09
I would have suggested the same. Another way is to open the messenger options and uncheck "start up when windows starts" option. Next time on, it won't bother you in startup until you need it (and then you can open from program files).
@liujuanxh (170)
• China
7 Oct 09
why like that ,i always uninstall it in the control and it will always success.Maybe your computer have some problem
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
7 Oct 09
Hi getbrowser, I have the same problem, and I don't know how to handle it, so I will follow your discussion.