Have you ever lost yourself when you want to enter into your friends?

October 7, 2009 1:10am CST
We all know that friends are so important,that's why we all need friends. But sometimes we may lose myself to get ourselves integrated into our friends, especially after you see they have many common topics to chat, but you are like an outsider and say nothing.It's possible that you really feel like playing sports, but you change to play other things that you absolutely aren't interested in, just for finding some subjects your friends revel in. All of us possibly experience the situation. After we do it, we indeed are not like as we don't look lonely. We get ourself more lonely not to look lonely. Have you ever asked yourself whether it is worth? It seems to be a complicated question.
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@kedves (728)
16 Oct 09
well for me a friend is someone who is there for me and respects me whether i agree with their choices or whether i am interested in the same things as them. after all if you all like the same things and do the same things then its boring because there is nothing new to learn there are no other avenues to explore .. you must never change yourself or try to be someone you are not. be happy and be strong for who you are and you will find that people will want you as a friend because you can be respected for being yourself and not following like a sheep..
• China
11 Oct 09
yes ,my friend ,it seems to be a complicated question , but I want to tell you it is no worth to do it ,it can make you live tired , lose yourself , lose your real interesting things. if I do not like to do something , I would not deliberately to please my friend ,it is no worth , why does my friend do not please me?because of this ,I have no more friends around me ,but I do not care about it . good luck .every one has their own choices
@StarBright (2798)
• United States
7 Oct 09
The relationship you describe sounds a little unhealthy. No two people will be exactly alike so each will have a wide range of interests. As friends, we will share those interests with each other. Some things we will have in common and other activities will make us question if we even know this person. Sometimes we may participate in each other's activities even when we are not personally interested just to lend support. At other times, we may know nothing about a secret life. When we do whatever it takes at any cost to maintain a friendship and that price is being paid only from one side, then we need to examine our relationship to see if we really have a friend.
• China
11 Oct 09
I agree with you . I have a problem ,when you are in a new place , how to make new fried ? And other people surrounding you are so busy .