Is it useful to continue our study in university?

October 7, 2009 1:43am CST
Economical crisis is attacking us,and we are deeply affected!Whether study is useful or not becomes a hot topic again.There are nearly 840,000 students give up their further studies in university in china this year. Of course lots of reasons cause this.And in my mind there are three main reasons.The first one is that university diploma is unuseful,they hold that staying 4 years in university won't be better than 4 year of working experience;another is that it costs too much for families to afford it,what's worse,graduating means being out of work,so it seems impossible to make their families better! Last,lots of parents think it's totally a waste of money except their children can enter a perfect one which means the college should be very famous around the country. So all in all,college graduates are flooding,finding jobs becomes more and more difficult at the same time! DO YOU THINK IT'S USEFUL TO STUDY FUTHER IN COLLEGE?HOW DO YOU LOOK ON THIS PHENOMENA
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@maezee (38195)
• United States
9 Oct 09
In my opinion, I think everyone should still go to college..Becuase to me, it's more than just about securing a future job - but just.. enriching yourself and your resume. Even if you don't get a job right away..You know that your qualifications are probably higher than most, and that you'll eventually score a job - even in the bad market. I also think, though, that people should choose their majors and areas of specification WISELY. Some things are better than others in a bad economy. Some things are just plain UNREALISTIC. So, in my opinion, when picking a certain major, we should not only try to channel our interests..but actually think of a JOB that connects to it. For example, DON'T choose to major in "English literature" unless there's a specific job you're going for, because you'd have better luck in Business Management, Nursing, Criminal Justice - or something more-connected to a career. Because in the real world, when you get out of college with a useless degree... You're not going to have very much direction. Then again, though, a lot of companies will hire people just because they have a bachelors degree - not because their major fits the description of the job. I was recently hired at Macy's (I have a quick story for ya, lol) - and it turned out that my interviewer had graduated from the same school I was/am going to (the University of Minnesota). Apparently he had just graduated with a degree in Genetics.. And was now working with Macy's Human Resources. Interesting, right? I think it's useful, because in my opinion, it will eventually help you out, and you DO learn and have interesting and new experiences. I think it's worth it.
• China
9 Oct 09
Hello,maezee!Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas with me first!"going to college is more than just about securing a future job-but just enriching yourself and your resume",I am quite agree with you!And the phenomena that one's job doesn't fit his major is very common now,at least in China.There is a big difference between China and USA in college,I heard that in America students are very busy and have lots of work to do in college,you have a big pressure on your lessons,it's quite easy for you to enter a college,but not so easy to graduate smoothly.But on the contrary,in China we have plenty of spare time,we have the freedom and enough time to do many things,we pay little attention to lessons usually,and we are always very envious of somebody who does a good job in associations and so on . Is the thing about college life in your country I have mentioned above right?