percentage of calories burn in 20-30 jogging

@BART78 (2931)
October 7, 2009 3:44am CST
..hi there fitness enthusiast!!..this thing is circling to my mind for a few days now since i start jogging 20-30 mins. a day to burn my many calories burn for 20-30 mins jogging? thanks!!! stay fit!! oooowwwaaahhh!!! c,")
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@Archie0 (5175)
7 Oct 09
Hello bart well can you tell me how it is possible for you to get that continous jogging for 20 to 30 mins ?? i cant run more than 5 min continously, i do other workouts then, i hate jogging it makes me get headaches :( please explain to me how all you do it and how much you loose i dont have any treadmill or i dont go to gym but i do on the spot jog sometimes.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
8 Oct 09
...hi archie? yup it's possible for me to jog for 20-30 mins. a day, before i go to work, i usually wake-up at 5am and before i start my routine, i do some stretching. don't push yourself, if you can only run for 5mins, that's ok, slowly your body will get use to it and you will hit 20-30mins. or so jogging, but don't forget to have proper breathing (inhale/exhale) when jogging or any exercise, to allow blood circulation and oxygen in your brain and to avoid headache or fainting. i'm on my 4th day to routine and i lose inch on my waist and almost 2lbs. on my weight, besides this routine i'd also observe my diet, less carbs., less calories and less fats....thats why i'd thrown on our community wall how much calories burn if your doing cardio exercises like jogging for 20-30mins. co'z i'm planning to add the 20-30mins. espl. during weekend..i usually jog on the street, from our house to the market, back&fort..but due to this continous raining i do stationary jogging..kinda like my body is asking me to jog even it's raining and it feels good when you sweet and you feel light, healthy and fit....thanks!!! have a nice day c,")..........
@syndibee (799)
• United States
12 Nov 09
It depends a lot on your weight, body composition, and speed. A female about 140 lbs will burn about 100 calories a mile. If she runs that mile in 10 minutes then in 30 minutes she will burn 300 calories. If she runs it in 15 minutes then she will burn 200 calories in that same 30 minutes. When you weigh more you burn more and when you weigh less you burn less per mile.