How Do you Like to Procrastinate?

@jessh_ (28)
October 7, 2009 5:34am CST
Well, procrastination is not neccessarily a bad thing. I like to call it productive procrastination - I find myself cleaning when I'm putting off doing a really big assignment (Is that weird? lol). Sometimes our brains just need a little break from a regular schedule so that we can feel smarter, braver and more ready to face that task...or so we'd like to tell ourselves. Haha. I've procrastinated posting this discussion itself.... So, how has procrastination affected your life? And what are your favourite ways of pracrastinating?
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@amirhk (63)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 09
hi there. actually i tend to easily procrastinate, although i know i would face the consequences in the end all alone. I hate the result of procrastination but i still do it. Honestly I agree sometimes procrastination is not always a bad thing especially if you want to get a right timing for something more important. What about u? What are your favorite ways of procrastinating?
@jessh_ (28)
• Australia
8 Oct 09
I just go on facebook for hours...I eventually get the stuff done, but usually its 2 minutes before the deadline. Haha. I think I'd do a much better job if i had started earlier but I never learn