what should be the limit of a love relationship?

October 7, 2009 7:45am CST
hi everyone,we all have been through a love relationship or is in a relationship and we all have tried to manage love life and personal life.i am in a relationship and good one but sometimes i feel i am bounded as i have to tell her everything what i have done, why i have done,why did i talked to a that girl.... and so on which i feel i should keep to myself my own personal self. so do u think this type of attack is ok or there should be a limit in a love relationship?
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@xannebull (1800)
• Philippines
8 Oct 09
Your girlfriend doesn't have trust in you or maybe you are not being open to her that is why she keep on asking why, what , when... well, girls are by nature like that, and boys by nature are men in a few words. just be open to your girlfriend and you can put some limitations for yourself and it depends on you, if you like to open it up to her then tell her, if you don't like it to know her , then don't, ... you are still on the verge of relationship not marrying...
@Venus914 (34)
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
I believe in giving everything for love's sake. So that when it doesn't work out, i wouldn't blame myself. Because i did the best i could. Well, except maybe money... :-P