Do You Have Fond Memories Of Trick Or Treating When You Were A Kid?

@Cherryd41 (1121)
United States
October 7, 2009 2:13pm CST
Hi Mylotters I have pretty good memories of trick or treating when I was a kid my most memorable for me was when we went to this one guys house in our neighborhood who was known for giving out toys and also having his house really decorated with home movies and lights, spooky sounds you name it he had it His house was known as the cool house to go to. Well this one year he gave out View Masters (for those of you not familiar with them they are the little mini slide show toys with the circle disk which were animated drawings or pictures of your favorite cartoon or kids program, you had to slide the disk and look into the viewer . You changed frames by pressing down on the lever on the right side of the viewer)... they were a big deal in the 70's they mostly came in the color red at least thats what color I had and all my friends had . He invited parents and kids to come into his house and drink cider watch the movies and bob for apples.(I'm telling my age ) Those were the good ole days LOL People were more trusting but you probably won't find that to much now a days . One time I also got money a roll of nickels not from the same guy but another couple in the neighborhood used to give out money to some of the kids on Halloween night. What are some of your favorite memories of childhood trick or treating?
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@much2say (35758)
• United States
16 Oct 09
Trick or treating just isn't the same these days as it was back then, eh? I remember crowded streets at night with kids in costumes everywhere. There were jack o lanterns or Halloween decorations at almost every house I went to. I remember being able to go trick or treating by myself! If I was at home, there was a constant ringing of the doorbell with a bunch of enthusiastic trick or treaters of all ages. There were a couple houses I remember in particular. One house had a clown sitting down in the driveway . . . with donuts hanging on a string at the front of the garage . . . grab a donut with no hands and it was yours. Another house always went all out for Halloween and tried to make it spooky for the kids. The houseowners dressed up, have us dip our hands in a bowl of works (which were actually noodles), harrass (jokingly) and chase us, and work for our candy - ha ha. And I remember one year there was a house that was giving away whole Hershey's bars . . . a bunch of us went back to the house several times . . . oh, bad us! Seems like less folks are festive these days - but then there are far more safety issues now then when we kids. There are newer Halloween traditions (like trick or treating at the mall), but it's not as creative as our Halloween memories.
@ElicBxn (61063)
• United States
7 Oct 09
Oh, we went around the neighborhood, but really my best memory was the time I went trick or treating for UNICEF... What happened was, my sister's scout troop was doing it, and I was kind of dating the assistant leader's son - who was just a bit older than I was, while his sister was in the troop - obviously... They went and did the Northwest Hills, along with about 4 other troops, because that was a pretty well off area. Mean while, Bill and I went around my neighborhood... It was a cold, I mean really cold year, odd because I remember so many hot Halloweens, but this one was cold and damp - did actually drizzle even at the end. Bill and I collected as much money doing our area as the whole rest of the troop did because NOBODY was doing it where we were!
@littleone3 (2065)
7 Oct 09
Unfortunately I don't have any memories of trick and treating as a child because my parents would not allow me or my brother or sister to trick or treat as they saw it as begging and did not agree with it. When Halloween came round we were told we had to ignore the door and was banned from answering it as well.