Original Sin - a cultural history

@mcrowl (1050)
New Zealand
October 8, 2009 2:09am CST
This is a fairly new book, by Alan Jacob, who's an author I really enjoy reading. His book on C S Lewis, The Narnian, was a delight, and restored some sanity to the way in which A N Wilson had approached his biography of C S Lewis a number of years ago. Original Sin isn't quite The Narnian. Apart from being a different sort of topic, of course, it has a tendency to wander all over the place, almost as though anything that could be pulled into the range of the topic was of value. That's not to say it's ever boring: he brings in all manner of stories of people, some famous, some barely known, and tells us about their background and how they changed our views. (It's surprising to hear that people who've changed the way of thinking can be hardly known about anymore.) And in the end, I don't know that Jacobs comes to a conclusion about original sin - except that if that isn't what's wrong with, then what is? http://bookstove.com/book-talk/original-sin-by-alan-jacob/
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