Why people don't like Windows Vista

October 8, 2009 2:14am CST
When I talk about Windows Vista with other people, most of them say that XP is the best Windows version ever. I keep wondering why they say that. Since Windows Vista were released, I had 4 laptops and a desktop which have genuine copy of Windows Vista. One of my laptop has Vista Ultimate, the other one has Vista business and the rest run on Vista Home Basic. I rarely had problems that I had with XP. With Vista, installing drivers is easier than ABC, searching for files normally takes less than 5 seconds, files are more manageable, updating is easy, backing up files is also easy, the interface is beautiful, the system security is very good and in my case the OS is much more stable than XP. I use Vista for my work, heavy gaming, CAD, hacking (for games), internet surfing, etc with almost free of problems. So why people hate Vista so much?
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@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
8 Oct 09
hi gjoy, well actually the reason its simple, people hate changes. they hate the fact that they are so used to using XP then here comes Vista where all icons all tool bars are in a different places and in different style. I had the same first reaction too. i was totally irritated about it at first cause when i bought my laptop my brother installed Vista in. I have been using XP for a long time and still using it at work. Now i have to learn how to use Vista if not my laptop is such a waste. but now when i started to learn Vista, its wasn't hard at all. I think it was just the impression and the thought that one needs to learn again. Not i can easily adjust myself to both XP in the office and Vista when i am at home. a nice advantage for me actually.
• Malaysia
8 Oct 09
Thanks for the response mesuaky. It makes sense to say that people hate changes. I remember that some people said that Windows 2000 is better than XP when XP were just released. Even in Facebook, a lot of people want to make a petition to 'bring back the old Facebook' because they hate the new interface.