when you have no money at hand,what you will do?

@angeliam (206)
October 8, 2009 5:05am CST
i always spend money so quickly that when i realize it,there's no money left.this situation troubles me a lot.i really don't want to buy things that i do not need,but i just cannot help myself to do it.what can i do to come out of that embarrassment?
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@getbrowser (1715)
• China
8 Oct 09
I used to meet such a situation too. When realizing that I had no money left, I tended to borrow smoe money from my friends or classmates. But now, I can try ma best to save money and spend money regurally. When it comes to buy the goods, you'd better try to make a list when going shopping, which is helpful to save some money. When you have a habit of spending money orderly,you will feel it regurally for everything.
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
Actually, you're kinda right, if you get into the habit of spending less and by nature frugally, it kinda sticks on you. Like, I now look at the price tag of stuff, may it be grocery, clothes, books or toys before I contemplate on buying it or at least I compare it to other pro ducts before I buy it, something like that. It seems like, the more I spend less, the more I wanna spend much less on things and utilities. And it kinda becomes a part of your life after a while, and the feeling that you get when you see your credit card debt lessening and the money that you're saving for the future is increasing, it's a wonderful feeling.
@mensab (4202)
• Philippines
8 Oct 09
one way to make money is to look for opportunities to have it. work hard for anything that pays you well. and earn extra from your hobbies and skills. do not let them go to waste or free without converting them to money. for example, if you are good in writing, there are many earning opportunities here that pay for writing something online. or if you're good in singing, go for it.