can a baby change man and woman?

@angeliam (206)
October 8, 2009 6:22am CST
my mother always says that if i have my own child,i'll understand her.other people say that a baby can change both man and woman.usually,babies can help people to realize their responsibilities.we tend to be more responsible and productive after we have our own do you think?
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• United States
16 Oct 09
You know my mother used to say the same thing when me and my sister where growing up and add on that she hoped that we would have daughters so we would have a full understanding of why she said the things she did or why she would not allow us to do the things we wanted to do. Now that I have a teen of my own, I have finally realized why. Though her methods were not the right way but it worked none the less. I find myself saying the same things to my daughter and I get the same fights that we did with my mom but now that I have had all these years of experience I have learned, and our children just do not know how the real world works. We can work and work on trying to teach them but they will never have a true appreciation for it until they have experienced it themselves. A child can change a man and a woman, it changed me. I became responsible, I gave up alot of the "fun" stuff I used to do and realized I had to think about someone else now. I can not just go out every night with my friends and just go when I pleased. I had to think of someone else depending on me to be there for them. I had to change my life in a structure where I was her role model and this is how we act when we are all grown up. When you become a parent you are also a mentor, a teacher and a leader. My mom told me when my child was born, your child is the product of his/her own enviroment. I know this to be a true statement.
@Zhizho (1351)
• Indonesia
8 Oct 09
Hi..I think,yes.Having baby could be change your life,could be change someone whoever their gender.You know,baby is beautiful creatur.You will be amaze to look how they growth.Honestly,having kids is not happy forever.We will face big responsibility to preparing them so they could be succesful people.But if we take care them with love,there is no meaningful problem.
@syankee525 (6292)
• United States
8 Oct 09
it is souppose to and should. after we had our kids i went right out and got a job and took care of my two kids.
@LordOzz (204)
• Philippines
8 Oct 09
i guess so. being a parent is a very tough job. without your company baby will not survive. also you will be one to guide them in their growth. having a baby is a gift. maybe experience will teach us the things that is un-explainable. thats the magic of parenthood.