What is the Difference between YouTube and Hulu?

October 8, 2009 7:36am CST
As we all know, YouTube.com has become one of the most popular video website that provides us millions of free videos around the world. Hulu.com is a free online video service that offers hit TV shows including Family Guy, 30 Rock, and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, etc. But, What is the Difference between YouTube and Hulu? Which is better for you? YouTube and Hulu, which is the future of online video? Happy myLotting!
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• Indonesia
9 Oct 09
Yes, I know about Hulu, it is an official site (belongs to ABC, correct me if I am wrong), which broadcast tv programs via webstreaming. Too bad it can only be accessed in the US. Youtube and Hulu are two different sites. Hulu is specialized in tv programs, while youtube is mainly used for any kind of videos by its users.
• United States
11 Oct 09
I re-read your post, sry. I read it wrong the first time. My bad. Let me get outta this convo before I embarase myself any further.
@anurag3786 (6273)
• India
8 Oct 09
hello friend.. I know only youtube....can you tell me what is Hulu..i heared about this first time..really... i don't ever hear about hulu...so please tell me about it..and what type of this website..
• United States
11 Oct 09
Edit coment above. Hulu is owned by NBC. Sry for the mistake.
@lazerm (478)
• United States
17 Oct 09
I used to love hulu! they have dvd quality movies, tv episodes including my favorite the 80's version of the incredible hulk- starring bill bixby.but now it wrecks my firefox browser;you tube is ok with out of print movies such as the bbc version of george orwells classic 1984- in black and white.plus you can connect with other users which you can't do on hulu.someone sent me a cool legos music video out of nowhere on youtube;thats what gives youtube the edge;despite a lot of foulmouthed morons on that site.
@AD1970 (116)
• Canada
10 Oct 09
Youtube is for short clips and accessible all around the world. Hulu is for streaming TV episodes (a really nice facility) but available in the US only. Also, I hear that Hulu will soon be a paid service...but oh well, we can't access it anyway.
• Philippines
9 Oct 09
Hi there I would prefer youtube since I am familiar to use it. I haven't try to use hulu but thanks for sharing something about it. maybe I'll try to use it so I can say which is much better with this two.