e-Currency: Funding, Exchanging and Trading - Share your experience.

@amprad (52)
October 8, 2009 7:51am CST
Hi myLotters, You must be dealing with one or more e-currency like e-gold, c-gold, liberty reserve, monebookers, paypal, alert pay, webmoney, and many more. Please could you share your experience here to help each other. Please note that this discussion is not about Forex. Please discuss: 1) What are you doing with which e-currency? 2) What are the method of funding or buying? Can you purchase for example e-gold by your credit card or debit card? 3) What e-currency exchanges are you able to do. Is it legal to exchange e-currency with your peers? Can you exchange for example paypal with moneybookers and vice versa with your friends? legally? 4) What is your experience in dealing with e-currency sites? Have you account ever been blocked or closed? For what reason? 5) Have you ever been able to re-open your closed account? What efforts were made to do that? 6) Is there any stock-exchange like site where you can buy and sell e-currencies and make profit ( i am not talking about forex) 7) How can you make money trading e-currency? Is the process legal? 8) Anything else you want to share? Best regards, Amprad
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@Yasya08 (214)
• Israel
20 Oct 09
1) forex trading 2)generally, bank wire. Sometimes post-office deposit. 3)e-forexgold.com 4)great exchanger, never a problem 5)never had my account closed 6)no, as far as I know 7)e-forexgold has great affiliate program that give you an opportunity to have your own online business and earn commissions for every Buy order placed via your own page. 8)I use Liberty Reserve and pecunix. Thinking of opening a Solidtrustpay account.
@amprad (52)
• India
20 Oct 09
Thanks for your response and opinion. Bank-wire is a method which is not suitable for some countries that do not allow sending out money without government permission. By the way how did you find forex trading in terms of profit. Is it too risky? Do you think forex trading can be a viable online income opportunity for small investors? You have mentioned about affiliate program too. Did you find useful for you? Regarding the e-currency trading there seem to have one such site called currenex, do not know how good is that. There once was another site for trading called DxinOne currently not active. It seemed that trading e-currencies (i do not mean forex but, for example, trading paypal with liberty reserve or moneybookers, etc.) are discouraged and doing so will risk your account to be closed.