What makes you happy?

United States
October 9, 2009 9:31am CST
When we were children, we were entertained by the simplest of things, like chasing each other around. We would squeal and laugh with delight. Now that we are adults, our entertainment has changed into much more sophisticated sources. What is it that makes you the happiest?
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@2babita (1074)
• India
9 Oct 09
When my son is happy that time i am happy.Escepially,i am happy with my son,when he come back from school from that time i am more happy.
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• China
19 Oct 09
I agree whith you when.I work far away frome my home.I could just go home once a week.So in days I miss my wife so much.And in the weekend I am happy to accompany my wife sopping.I was so enjoy at that time.
• United States
11 Oct 09
As it happens, tomorrow Liz will be home from a 2 week pet-sitting. Our roommate, Mark, got home yesterday afternoon from a month long hospital stay and yes, their being back will be happy time. Its been a bit of a haul literally taking care of everything..cats, Sammie (parrot), ME, work, bills, groceries, banking..well, you get the point.. Tho I won't be here when Liz finally gets home tomorrow (side job stuff) she will be welcomed by a bed full of stuff..I hadn't gotten either of them anything for quite a bit and it seemed like the right time to splurge a bit with some things that the both of them like and I know they will enjoy sorting thru and claiming various of the 'things' gotten. That's what makes me happiest, not just with them, but with a whole array of folks (when I can) enjoying the 'treasures' that make them happy when I can give them..
• Indonesia
11 Oct 09
Weekend after 5 days of busy work makes me happy even on those day I'm only being lazy and just stay at home. It's great when you can enjoy simple things in life in order to make you happier.
@katsalot1 (1619)
9 Oct 09
Well, to be honest I haven't changed much! I still love playing games and being outside. I suppose most of the games that I play are less energetic, I'm more likely to play a sitting down game or a computer game.
@rtslvtwy (1088)
• Malaysia
9 Oct 09
I guess you are right and today when we have grown up things are just so much more complicated and also life itself. For me, what really makes me happy is that I can work a little and yet earn a living to support my family and being around with my daughter and my wife spending the day peacefully and full of laughter and joy.
@proxima14 (196)
• Philippines
9 Oct 09
still simple things like ice cream and chocolates or walking in the park or beach