I have a Dillemma

October 9, 2009 7:17pm CST
So, i meet a girl, it all started, whereas a letter came to my home, she was looking for the previous owner, but she put an email address on there. I found out for her, the previous owner, through my neighbour, and emailed her back. Turns out, she is dutch, lives in Leeawarden, in Holland..SO we chat on email, for a while, then she asks me, if she can come visit? I say OK. I met her, we got on ok, but i find her a tad awkward, outspoken, so i put it down to culture difference. I do everything to make her welcome, and she seemed happy. Then she invited me, and my friend Jan, whom she met over here to visit her, so we arranged to go to Holland, then she emails me, she does not like Jan DO NOT bring her. This put me in an awkward position, but i put Jan off, and went alone. Whilst there, ALL her family came over, but spoke in Dutch, all night, even though, they could all speak english, so i felt totally left out. She never once tried to include me. She has been here twice since then, and moans a lot, nothing is ever right!! I find her outspoken, and a bit bossy. Anyway, she asked to come again, and bring her 2 teenagers with her, in October. I obliged, i set out a sleeping plan, and she complained about it. She wanted her kids, to share with my daughter...her son is 14, my daughter is 12, so i told her it is not practical. She mailed me, a rather obnoctious reply, so i told her to forget it, i don't need this, i am having problems, so going to cancel. She mailed me back, said she is SHOCKED, i am costing her air tickets, how could I?? I told her, it is not all aqbout HER, i am having probs at home (which i was) Next thing, she mails me, she has changed the tickets, to 19th to 23rd December!!!!! This is right on Christmas!! but i said ok, so she was happy! I have not had an email, nothing!!!! for 3 weeks now, so i have thought to myself, i am just a cheap holiday, it costs us a lot of money in petrol and food when she is here, and she never offers to give anything back, and now, it is her, and her 2 kids, Christmas week, it will cost us a fortune! I have just mailed her, and cancelled, as i never hear from her, NOTHING!, and it is winding me up!!! Did i do the right thing? Will she be justified, being annoyed with me? I know she will be, but i feel like a fool, so she can bog off! What do you think? Am i right, or wrong, in cancelling this?
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