Treating blood shot eyes

United States
October 9, 2009 7:20pm CST
You can get blood shot eyes from parting way to much. For example if you party all night and drink untildawn your bound to have blood shot eyes. Of course heavy partying is not the only way to make your eyes blood shot. Colds, allergies, and even swimming can irritate your eyes to become bood shot. Rest assure that your eyes will not be damaged permantly. Here are some things you can do to whiten them up again. You can apply a cold compress such as a cold wash cloth to your eyes.this is most commonly used for allergies that cause blood shot eyes. This method helps alot. For tired blood shot eyes use a warm compres. Which is a warm face cloth for example. You can also use artifical tears or what we call eyes drops to put moisture back in your eye. This is for people that have dry eyes. Also steer clear of anything that has caused you to have allergies past.
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