do young single mothers on benifits infuriate you???

@vikkiz (519)
October 9, 2009 8:15pm CST
hi all just wanted to rant about the fact that all these stupid little teenage girls who get them selves pregnant to boys they dont even know!!! Then have the cheek to sit an whine about the fact that they are a ''single mother'' and ''we should get more help''!!!! Honestly!!! i think if your old enough to open your legs your old enough to take responsibility for your own actions!!!! the reason i get so annoyed with it all is because i too was a stupid young teenage girl who got herself pregnant at 16 years old!, But i managed to juggle a baby,college and a job all at the same time!! I have never been on benifits and have worked soo hard to give my son the best life possible!! so when i hear these silly little girls complaining because ''they havnt got enough money'' or ''they have no life anymore'' i just have no sympathy for them!!! I now have a fully qualified high proffessional job that has paid my way onto a good housing estate, pays for holidays and for luxurys that i wouldnt have been able to afford if i hadnt have gotten on my backside and worked!!! It also infuriates me that i then have to pay my taxes to look after these idiots! does anyone else agree with me or do you think im being unreasonable????
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