What do you think of the "TWILIGHT" saga?

@nagikka (411)
October 10, 2009 6:18am CST
One day I was surfing the web when I came across a journal on which a girl my age was talking about Twilight. I read something about it and then decided to purchase the first three books of the saga (stupid me for buying them all at once). Anyway, I started to read Twilight and I was shocked. Please don't get mad at me but how could Stephenie Meyer get that stuff published? I mean, the story could be decent but she simply can't write. I told myself I want to read the book again and underline anytime she writes about Edward's perfection: perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips, his perfect crooked smile and even a perfect voice! didn't she notice she was being repetitive?? Also, in the first book almost nothing happens untill the end, it gets boring because of the continuous babbling about Edward. Not to mention the first half of New Moon in which she only talks about Bella being depressed for the vampire's decision to leave her alone. I so want my money back :( I went to see the movie and well, I laughed so much when I saw him sparlking in the sunlight. Since when vampire can stay under the sunlight? please tell me I'm not alone in having such a negative opinion of the books and please don't get mad at me but they seem to have been written by a kid :|
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