Do you think open marriages are ok?

United States
October 10, 2009 7:14am CST
A marriage is suppose to be shared with one person not two or three. I don't believe in an open marriage. It decieves the purpose of getting married. Mariage is suppose to be about love between two people and that's it. Marriage is not about sharing and seeing other people. If you are seeing other people there is no point in marriage. You might as well be single with no strings attacted. If your partner got with the wrong people it could mean a you could get a disease or something worse. Think if your partner got another woman pregnant durring you open marriage. How would you explain that one. These kinds of things irritate me. People don't look at the cons of things. When concidering things like this you have think about what could happen. Most open marriages don't last these days. Sad part is in today's society they are more accepted then they were years ago. Years ago it would be something that would not be spoken of.
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