What happened when Olimpic Torch went through the EUROP? And WHY?

@mac_fish (723)
October 10, 2009 8:06am CST
Firstly,I'm seldom concerned about policy, so I'm the furthest thing from politico. I just wanna find the truth. I'm still shocked as soon as I recall the robbing--torch event happened in France in APRIL.2008,and confused by the standpiont of France-Goverment,especially the attitude of people there . All of that throws a hint to me that, China--Goverment's attitude and actions to Tibet infuriated EUROPEAN,and they can not bear the crude standpiont and actions of China,so they fought it back for Tibets.Apparently,China covered something to her people. So,I wanna know the truth,friends.Just tell me more details about how did China treat TIBET problem?? ----Michael
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