Parents not only want us to grow up, but also be their never grow-up children

October 10, 2009 10:26am CST
For most Parents, children growing up in health is their biggest wish. they hope that they can give correct guide in time when children grow up, so that they are able to get more and more independent and mature. Parents know deeply that they have no way to protect and take care for their children forever, so they need to teach them how to live by themselves. But sometimes, no matter how old the children are, in their eyes,they are still their children who didn't sleep until parents told story. When children have their friend circle, parents want children often stay around them like the age when they insisted on playing with parents. I experience a lot like that. My mum often develop me to be able to face problems calmly by myself, not like a child who rely on her parents forever. Thinking maturely is also one of her requests. But when I would rather play with my friends than go out with her, she often feels a little disappointed and misses the memory that I followed her like her a shadow. You know, it's a little weried to spend most time in staying with my mum in my age. In a word, parents's psychology are so complicated.
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@kedves (728)
16 Oct 09
i understabd what you mean and i guess its like the saying the teacher become the pupil .. roles are reversed. you used to need your mother but now she needs you. its easy to fix as long as she knows you freely give some of your time without her asking then i am sure she is happy when you give your remaining time to yourself :) just be patient with her its hard to let go of the apron strings after you invest your life in caring :) you have to find a medium place that will make both happy but in my opinion its just letting her know you dont forget her is the main thing :)