Do you chew pan or gutka(pan masala)

October 10, 2009 10:41am CST
Many indians have the habit of chewing pan(betel leave with areca nut, flavored tobacco, lime and some condiments) or gutka (pan masala) after meals or for some throughout the day. I hear that the betel leaves are good for health, but about the areca nuts, limes, flavored tobacco etc, i think it will create some health problems in long term consumption. I too, also consume gutka, I want to leave this habit, but it has become impossible to do so. I know that there will be some complication in the long term use, but despite the knowledge and consequences it seems impossible. I therefore seek advice and guidance from friends in mylot, who can help me kickout this habit or give some guidance and tips on the issue. Does anyone here also have this habit? Do you want to kickout this habit? Or are you fine with this habit.
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