How do you manage your stress?

United States
October 10, 2009 11:27pm CST
There are various ways that people handle or deal with their stress. When you manage your stress, are you using positive methods? In other words, does your stress management tactics impact your stress level in a positive manor or is it having a negative impact on you and the people you love? Personally, I take into consideration my ability to actually do the things that positive impact my stress level. One way is to have a massage. It is one of my most favorite ways to relieve stress, however, I am not always able to spend the money to get a massage as often as I would like. I began to discover other ways to relieve my stress. For starters, limiting phone calls that are not wanted or needed at high stress level times. In my opinion, these can be distracting moments that just add more stress. Sometimes you have to recognize situations such as these and remove yourself from situation that influence your actions that send your stress level to overload. The economy today is stressful in itself for many of us. What other low or no cost ways can you think of to decrease stress or manage stress in a positive manor? Just to name a, music, self-time, interacting with nature...What can you do or what would you suggest to those who are less fortunate than yourself?
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