Canon Powershot G11 and S90

October 11, 2009 6:03am CST
Canon has announced few months ago the coming of two compact cameras that said to be the King and Queen of Darkness on the domain of compact cameras. Canon claim that they are capable of producing good results with ISO 800 and 1600. In short, if you take both cameras to concerts or night walks, you would get less blurry images if you need to go without flashes. The cameras have been available since second week of October, and initial photographs from first time adopters have come and show that Canon's claim is to be taken seriously. if you have flickr accounts, go search for G11 or S90 and pick recent images. You may find several images taken at night in low lights. As far as I can say, those images have noises, but not as disturbing as tons of other compact cameras. Heck, they even approach the quality of images from DSLR camera (those bulky cameras with big lenses) of 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway, S90 is the smaller and classier of the two that feature control ring on the lens base, and G11 is the bulkier, more customizable one intended for those who want to have controls over their cameras. Hope this will help your decisions on your next cameras :)
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