Which is more important to a couple ,,, MONEY or LOVE ?

October 12, 2009 2:51am CST
I am a working mom with two children,most of the time, i am n my work. after that.. ihave still my extended tutorial services after school period.My husband feels jealous to my job already.. coz i have only few minutes for him.Im tired already when im home, stressed.. so. cannot give full attention to him during bedtimes. it made us quarrel most of the time. Our family needs money badly for our daily needs.Shall I give up my tutorial services or not?.please help me.
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3 Feb 10
When we are so occupied with our challenges,we tend to forget the things that we once believe are very important and valuable to us.This is what I always remeber " There is no other success that can compensate for a failure in the home"... If you think there is no other way to solve your money issues but to get alot of jobs and sacrifice your relationship with your husband,think again. Think again.
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3 Feb 10
it's not bad that you have multiple works but you need to realize that you're a mom and a wife. time management is what you need. a hug and some kisses would do the tricks. maybe you should spend some ample time for your hubby because he misinterpret it as negligence in your part. send him sweet text notes if he has a phone or simply flirt in texts. don't say no when he asks for "it". It's hurting to any man's ego. i hope this helps. good luck.