Are you a good reader of people?

@laydee (12801)
October 12, 2009 7:04pm CST
Do you have that gift of reading people, to know who could be trusted or not? I don't really have that ability, but I don't trust too quickly too often. I always ask myself 'what does this person want underneath all the 'goodness' he/she is showing me?' I don't wish to be cunning, but in this life where everyone could easily take advantage of you for being naive, I think it is best to be cunning. How about you?
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@Fulltank (2882)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
First impression last, that what I used to say to my self about people whom I meet the first time. I can tell much about him/her by the the color of his/her cloths, facial expressions during conversation and the way she act over my questions. But this doesn't mean that I already trusted him/her if he/she is showing a good impression during our first meeting. Trust cannot be earned over night and should be work on by people who wanted others to trust him/her.
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• United States
13 Oct 09
Good philosophy... :)
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@Flight84 (3048)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I think I'm a pretty good judge of character. I can usually tell what kind of person someone is fairly quick. My husband isn't really a good judge of character though. He never seems to see the bad in people. Not that this is a bad thing mind you, but he's tried to help many people with their problems only to have them treat him awful. I always warned him about those people too and he was always willing to see the good and give them a chance. I'll give people chances, even if I have bad feelings about them, but I don't like being crossed.
@jugsjugs (13004)
13 Oct 09
I would like to think i was a good reader of people and i must say not long ago i read three people wrong.Now my trust has gone out of the window,even with friends that i have known for along long time.I have also found the only person i can rely on as well as trust is myself.
@Sandra1952 (6047)
• Spain
13 Oct 09
I get it wrong occasionally, but usually I can read people well. I'm an outgoing, social person, but every now and then, I take a dislike to someone and I can't overcome it. Later it turns out that there is a good reason for my gut feeling.
@much2say (51588)
• Los Angeles, California
13 Oct 09
I like to think I am good at reading people as I spent many years being the silent, observant type. As far as trust goes, I mostly do not trust anyone off the bat . . . regardless of how I read a person, trust is something that is earned and gained in time. Cunning, perhaps, but I don't show that on the outside . . . so I think many people tend to read me incorrectly.
• India
15 Oct 09
My first impression is the best impression. My inner conscience tells me rather guides me during the first meet of a stranger. I wouldn't encourage too much talking with strangers and i have the habit of observing them. When ever my conscience tells me that the opposite person is good i proceed with the relation else i would really encourage the other person. I like to be selective. I think it helps me without being cheated.
• United States
13 Oct 09
Oh' let me be the first to respond to you dear one... Am I totally trusting in the people I associate with? I think a person who has been hurt like many of us in the past we are not trusting so cunning is the way we investigate others to figure them out... Adding and subtracting for life's experiences, we then choose if we can support them in their struggle to survive. We gather around those that are most aligned to our way of thinking, and we build a network link by link, connection to connection and heart to heart. Does this resonate with you? Am I hitting the right chords? The combinations are just out of this world... :em Angel /em: