cookie factory recipe anyone?

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October 12, 2009 11:33pm CST
A few years ago I was given the recipe for the Cookie Factory chocolate chip cookies,and they were the best cookies I had ever made from scratch. The story goes that a woman sent off for the recipe and was told that the recipe would cost her one fifty. Well, she assumed that the recipe cost $1.50, instead of $150, and was very surprised to find the latter charge on her credit card. To get back at the company for scamming her out of so much money, the woman made copies of the recipe and began passing them out. I was given a copy a while back, but I have since moved a couple of times and have lost the recipe. I would love to have it again. So if anyone knows the recipe, or alternately, has any excellent made-from-scratch cookie recipes, plese post them!
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@irishidid (8716)
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13 Oct 09
That's an old old urban legend. You might have a cookie recipe but I can assure you nobody paid $150 for it. There is a recipe on that talks about the urban legend so if it happens to be the one you're looking for here it is:
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15 Oct 09
Thanks for the recipe and the knowledge. I believe that it is close to the same recipe as the "Cookie Factory" recipe I had before. I know my boyfriend will be excited that someone found it for me. Also, I'm not surprised that it is an urban legend. I'm pretty gullible when it comes to that kind of thing.