how many languages can you speak?

October 12, 2009 11:35pm CST
hi ,my lotters ,I want to konw how many languages you can speak ,I can two languages ,Chinese and English ,and I can speak a little Japanese . how about you ,my friends ,please tell me ,let's share it.
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@codris (783)
• Italy
13 Oct 09
i speak itaian and english, but it's not so good, i speak a little french. I would like to learn other languages like japanese and chinese, maybe arab too, but ther're so difficult for italian people.
• China
13 Oct 09
hi ,my friend ,wa , you can speak so many languages ,I admire you , I like French . have a nice day.
@qiao522 (449)
• China
14 Oct 09
Hahaha, I speak Chinese and English. A little Japanese like you and Cantonese. I think we are both in the university and major in English. And we have to learn a second language.
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
13 Oct 09
Hey hi friend, I am Indian and in India we have many languages.I can write and speak Hindi which is our national language.Then, Garo which is my native language.I can also speak Bengoli, a little bit of Kannada language and Assamese and of course I can write and speak English.
• China
13 Oct 09
Oh, it seems so many friends here are multi-lingual. I just can speak Chinese (Mandarin) and English. And a dialect of my hometown. I really admire you. Once I travelled in HK, I realized my lack on language deeply. I cannot speak Cantonese. Sometimes, I found English was more convenient than Chinese there. Even if writing Chinese was better than oral Chinese. Hence, it's also one of my motive to improve my English. Of course, the basical reason is I like English!
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
13 Oct 09
hi i can speak Tagalog, English, 2 dialiect of chinese Fook Yien & Mandarine, a little bit of Spanish and very little of Japanese. Its hard to learn other languages. You need a fulltime study on this one.