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October 13, 2009 3:06am CST
there are many people who get to know each other by accident. like the one you see in movies.meeting on the pavement or at the coffee shop which then turns into a great friendship then getting married at some points.sometimes on this story i think the two person meet accidently which would change then their lives completely.but still there are alot ot be met outside in ths huge world.some end in having affairs while some just pass away while some tend to be serious. i dont know what would happen to me when i come across such but its a fact that its the daily routine in out ives.we never stop meeting people as there are loads of them as they never end.
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• Philippines
13 Oct 09
Yeah. That's the flow of life. We get to meet different types of people who could affect our lives in one way or another. Some will love us, some will hate us but all of them will teach us something. I believe that there's a reason why we do meet different type of people. If love comes, then why not go for it. It is a nice feeling to be in love anyways.
@laxmi123 (949)
• India
13 Oct 09
your points are absolutely correct.i think this is routine in these days.but i think it's not good way.if they do friendship ,don't worry.but they do desided for marriage,like they do invite troubles.because if one person have good behavior and anther person have bad behavior,we won't do that.that's their bad luck.
• United States
13 Oct 09
Me and my fiance met by complete accident. He was going with my friends boyfriend to a party and I was going with her. At the party instead of conversating with others, me and him seemed to hit it off immediately. The day after that we began talking and hanging out, and now we're madly in love and soon to be married. Isn't it crazy how you can go one minute not knowing someone, and down the road you're asking yourself what in the world you would do without them? :) Life is just beautiful that way.