United States
October 13, 2009 9:48am CST
My boyfriend and I have been together for 28 months. There was an incident where he did try to get with other girls like a year ago. But now we're much better and get along really well (madly in love). We spend like everyday together, and when were not together we're on the phone with each other or texting each other. We're still young but I really do love him and would love to be with him for many many years to come. But what I'm worried about is that we spend so much time together now that we will get tired of each other and in a couple years our relationship will be destroyed. I don't really know how to bring this up to him, and I also don't know how to fix the problem that could potentially happen in the future, because I don't want to stop talking or take a break or stop hanging out. What do you mylotters think?
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@laydee (12801)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
There will alway be no perfect formula for love. But, with all the years of looking at relationships and my relationship as well. It's never too good to be always at each other's arms. I could try suggesting doing something really productive, like working. When the two of you are always with each other's company, there will be boredom soon with all the routine things you do with each other. It may seem right now that everyday is exciting, but there will really be times when you can't talk about anything anymore, because it seems as if you've gone through every single topic. What you could do is to learn new things. Take up classes apart from him. Or you two could take on hobbies. Just find ways so that you'd be apart (but not for very long - like at least twice or thrice a week) so that he'd miss you. This is also the time for him to prove to you that he's truly loyal. Perhaps he's just loyal now because you're together frequently, but when you let him be, then he'd do that mistake again. Remember girl that regardless what you do, you can't stop someone from cheating (he will cheat if he will cheat - you may tie him down, but you can't change his nature) better allow him to decide so that you could see his colors earlier. Enjoy the moments but don't let the moments be your whole life and whole being. Detach at times so that you'd be sane. I'm not telling you to stop the relationship, I just want you to understand that as young people, you won't see it as how older or more mature ones do. Keep things in balance, too much of something will always be bad for the relationship - regardless how good the intentions are.
• United States
13 Oct 09
Thank you so much your comment really helped!
@ranma1 (96)
• India
13 Oct 09
Hey worried,Dont get tensed or depressed.First of all relax yourselves.Call your boyfriend and meet him.Talk to him in a pleasing way so that he understands your love and give him a sweet hug,he will be flattered.Then talk about your future plan marriage or whatso ever.Wish u all the best
• United States
13 Oct 09
Thank you!
@willofGod (113)
• Nigeria
16 Oct 09
LAYDEE Has given a very nice advice...i fact she has said it all....i wish i had someone to give this kind of advice 6years ago...but now i had to "see for myself"... MY dear let me just t ell you this...love is like an egg...if you press it too hard it will brake yet you av to kia fo it sothat it doesn't fall from your hands. The best way to handle an egg(love) is to keep it somewhere safe and check on it regularly don't put it too long in ur hands..else u will forget you are holding it and it will fall away... LET HIM MISS U LET HIM FEEL YOU ARE IMPORTANT if he is yours there is nothin u 'll do that will make me him leave a little far away will not cause harm to the relationship... i wish u all the best