Had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago went to the doctor and I'm still not healed

By Liz
United States
October 13, 2009 5:07pm CST
How long does it take to be healed. Has anyone been through this, how long did it take u?
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@dmtdmt (2)
• United States
16 Dec 09
didn't you have a tummy tuck with this as well? how is it feeling now? was the tummy tuck pain/recovery and loooong scar worth the smooth flat belly you have now? would you rate the pain a 10 out of 10 the first 3 days after? did you have your muscles tightened as well? thanks in advance for all your info!! ps so sorry to hear about your nephew..God bless him, you and your family.
• United States
17 Dec 09
Yes I had a tummy tuck, now I'm good no problems. Really the tummy tuck hurt the first three days pretty bad, after that it wasn't so bad. I have to admit I like my flat stomach and new belly button, but my scar is pretty bad, it's not in the bikini area it's more like a u I thought it would b hip bone to hip bone but it's not. I wouldn't wear a bathing suit anyway without a t shirt over it, so it's ok, I am still glad I did it never had a flat stomach before. The pain the first day was a 10 next 8 and so on. I did have my muscles tightened so I have a waist again! Thanks Liz
• Canada
14 Oct 09
My Mom had a hysterectomy earlier this year. It took about three months for the incision to fully heal. She still has a few issues with her stomach feeling sore when she walks or stands for long periods of time but the doctors say it's just the muscles need to regain their strength.
• United States
14 Oct 09
Thank you so much. Liz