fifa 10 vs pes 10....

@jimmy87 (475)
October 13, 2009 9:30pm CST
Fifa 10 is a crap this year...poor graphics,no smooth gameplay,same old contrast pes 10 has a wonderful gameplay,as i have understood from the demo..I have always been a easports fifa player..for the past 6-7 years there has always been improvement in the game..but this year it's a real disappointment. Konami Pes 10 seems to have won the race this time round.. What's ur say???
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• India
30 Apr 10
I really don't think so . I have the 360 version of both games and I think fifa 10 is better in every single aspect . Pes 10 is not officially recognized by fifa . The online modes in fifa are way more interactive than PES . I really get confused when it comes to the name of the clubs in PES . For Example ARsenal- North London , Chelsea _ East LOndon. I thought that I should have not bought pes 10 , the game was crap . Note that I played in xbox 360, not PC. PC versions are always different from the console 1's
@drt003 (1)
2 Jan 10
im disapointed with fifa 10 they have improved certain areas but also have lost the feel of smooth play, the defending has improved too much for me leaving the average attacker an impossible task of scoring and also its very hard to finish. havnt tried pes for a few years but im tempted to try the demo and see.
@rolento (227)
• Spain
16 Oct 09
fifa 10 is the worst crap i've played on my psp, and they presume to having the licences, but i don't know why they buy it if they make a piece of crap like this, and i'm sure that most of the staff are fans of real madrid, because they have not checked who played the spain supercup this year, and is not barça vs madrid, is barça vs athletic bilbao
@cekadona (83)
• United States
14 Oct 09
i havent buy yet but i will get it soon
• United States
21 Oct 09
Am a big fifa fan myself i got the new fifa 10 its ok but the best thing that was added was to take a pic of yourself and upload it took get your player to look like you that was good i havent try pes 10 i didnt like 9 but can you give me the name for it so i can look it up?
• Mexico
14 Oct 09
Well i have always be a pes fan for almost 6 years, I always loved it, but the last 2 games, pes 2008 and pes 2009, were not like the pes from the past, but this year the game looks great, i like a lot of the new things like the master league mode, now with real money, the license of champions and europa league, and of course the gameplay. I you dont know what game to buy, I recommend you to rent the 2 games and choose one, or download both demos from marketplace of xbox or pstore from ps3. I hope this info help you
• Singapore
14 Oct 09
I have to say Fifa has improved tremendously over the years, thanks to some competition from Konami. Fifa was crap several years back. I don't know about Fifa 10 or Pes 10 because I don't play them, but Internet reviews about Pes 10 has been fantastic. I wonder how long will EA hold the rights to Fifa's names and images if this goes on.